On a Good Day (Alicia Ostriker)

there is a bridge that spans the flood
of spacetime pouring between
your imperial palace and our poor tenements

your domain, ha-makom, of purest
and our humble lives

to what can we compare your word
beloved it is like flying sparks
running through the four worlds

toward us, the reality cascades
to intellect to feeling
to flesh

like a long distance call
then we send the return message

blessed be you
blessed be you
what delight between you and us

the rest of the time
gnashing of teeth

what slamming doors

ha-makom—the Place, a Talmudic name for God.

Used with permission of the author. Alicia Ostriker is a renowned poet, essayist, and midrashist, and the author of many books of prose and poetry, including
Nakedness of the Fathers and The Volcano Sequence.

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