Ritual Consulting

The design and the conduct of a Jewish ritual, whether a life-cycle event or a personal exploration into the sacred, require a unique mix of skills. One needs, among other things, the knowledge and authority of a rabbi, the sensitivity of a therapist, the tact and timing of a choreographer, the words of a poet, and the playfulness of a child. And most especially one needs a deep sense of reverence for spirit and its presence in everyday life. The making of ritual is a sacred and co-creative art and Rabbi Jill Hammer has been developing her skills as an artist and collaborator of the sacred for a number of years. That she offers her gifts to the world is cause for celebration. She brings magic.
Peter Pitzele, bibliodramatist

Jill Hammer is among the most creative spiritual teachers in the Jewish world today. She brings to her work an unparalleled knowledge of Jewish legend and myth, particularly about women and nature, as well as deep insight into soul, body, and heart that reflect her own life-journey and professional background. Simultaneously masterful and vulnerable, Jill's work is instantly recognizable, and may well be creating a new mode of experiential Judaism that will impact our community for decades to come.
Jay Michaelson, meditation guide and mystic

Rabbi Jill Hammer, founder of Tel Shemesh, a website celebrating and creating earth-based Jewish traditions, and author of Sisters at Sinai: New Tales of Biblical Women, has taught ritual workshops and created rituals for numerous public and private settings from baby namings to weddings, from new moon/Rosh Chodesh gatherings to solstice celebrations to retirement ceremonies. Her approach to ritual-making combines deep knowledge of ancient Jewish ways with reverence for nature and the human spirit.

Rabbi Hammer is available for private consultations regarding baby namings, croning ceremonies, bar and bat mitzvah rituals, weddings, commitment ceremonies, and other life-cycle events. She also crafts rituals for calendar events such as the new moons, solstices, and Jewish holidays. Rabbi Hammer is based in New York; phone consultations are available as well as face-to-face meetings. Rabbi Hammer is also available for lectures and workshops.

Life-cycle events are gateways to spiritual growth and renewal. Give yourself the gift of a guide through your unique gateway. Contact info@telshemesh.org for more information.

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