Lag B'Omer/Basement Drum Circle (Jill Hammer)

now we are in a cave
a cave, a womb, a grave

we are the circle of flame
our skirts are burning the holy page

a woman is dancing with two scarves
life and death whipping around one another

our bones are the resurrected dead
the drumbeat, molten, is the core of earth

the mystics have escaped to heaven
and we are hunting them

the moon gathers her cloak of deep
black knowledge around her

the heat of the bonfires
takes out her breast

Rabbi Jill Hammer is a senior associate of Ma'yan: The Jewish Women's Project. She is a poet, author, tecaher, and ritualist. Her book is entitled Sisters at Sinai: New Tales of Biblical Women. She is the founder of Tel Shemesh.

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